I am full of good intentions, regularly and frequently.  I know I should probably be 10-15 lbs lighter than I am.  I also know that if I simply gave up wine, or alcohol in general I would actually have to do very little else to lose this weight.   And at various times in the last couple of years I have planned on doing just this.

The problem is, every time I try to put this plan into action motherhood gets in my way.  Despite the fact that even a one piece bathing suit scares me to death/I can’t zip up my jeans/I’m going back home to visit family and friends 6 lbs heavier than when I last saw them, something always comes up that has me thinking, “oh god, just a few more hours to go until wine o’clock.”

Right now I’m at that time of the year when I start thinking about putting my, “make space for the holidays” diet into action.   It’s simple really, the holidays are just around the corner and with them all those foods I know I should not be eating; chocolate, pastries, vegetables cooked in oil, cheeses, chips and dips…ok I need to stop now, drool is not good for the keyboard.  But I have a cunning plan.  You see if I lose 6 to 8 lbs now, I can eat up to this number of extra calories over the holidays and I’m at least no worse off than I started.  Clever eh?!

So the plan is in place, non-stop salads and wine only on weekends (after all you’re not supposed to make any drastic changes to your diet without consulting a doctor right?) Except that…number 2 daughter hasn’t taken a daytime nap for me in at least two weeks.  Give up wine?  You must be joking, it’s the only thing keeping me sane!

So I guess I’ll just have to accept it.  Abstinence and kids just don’t mix.   What the hell, if I eat nothing but salad and keep running up and down the stairs in response to “Mommy!!!” perhaps I can have another glass!  Cheers!

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  • Kate Wharton

    Very Funny! And true! Resonates completely with me as my second child decided not to nap today out of nowhere, while my eldest did nap (which never happens any more!). Also, am drinking a glass of wine right now in preparation for the two o’clock summons I will most surely get to fend off monsters in my daughter’s room in the middle of the night later this evening!

  • completely agree. Out of everything I will give up- carbs, sugar, pop, not eating after 7, etc… I cannot give up wine.

  • Sam

    You are funny! I like this one. Once breast feeding is over I will be right there with you. Although Max napped for an hour this morning. A world record! The kid has started out a terrible napper, I dread to think what’s to come!

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