Last week was my birthday and as some of you know, it didn’t go exactly as planned.  With a Feburary 2nd birthday I’m used to sharing my big day with a certain furry little fella (for those of you not familiar with Groundhog Day, it’s a yearly event when a meteorological rodent predicts the early arrival or not of Spring!) This year however, it got quite literally overshadowed by great big snow clouds.  So big in fact that come birthday morning we had, according to the news, 20 inches of snow on the ground.   Add a fair bit of drifting to that and you have one holy mess.

So this was how my birthday was supposed to go:

  1. Children sleep freakishly late while I get to have a cup of tea and a shower in peace
  2. I open an array of expensive thoughtfully selected gifts
  3. After dropping Mo at school and Flo into a Bubbles class, I sit for a whole kid-less hour with my kindle
  4. I relax at home until school pickup time, doing as little as humanly possible
  5. Husband comes home early with cupcakes, we all sing “Happy Birthday”
  6. I spend a luxurious amount of time getting ready for a fancy birthday meal with my dear hubby.


Here’s what actually happened:

  1. Mo comes bounding into my room at 6:00am, beyond excitement at the fact that it’s a snow day and she gets to stay home for my birthday
  2. I sit watching the snow, praying that at some point it will stop and that the snow plows will clear all the snow in time for me to still make it out for my meal
  3. Restaurant calls to cancel reservation (and no they can’t book us in next weekend there is a 6 week waiting list.  I KNOW, THAT’S WHY I BOOKED 2 MONTHS AGO!)
  4. I spend and hour and a half clearing the snow, which has drifted in places to approximately 6 ft  (ok, probably more like 3ft but it felt like 6ft!)
  5. Husband regrettably informs me that everything is closed, cupcakes not an option, therefore I:
    • Make my own birthday cake (with lots and lots and lots of help from Flo and Mo!)
    • Decorate (badly) my own birthday cake
    • Clean up the chaos of making my own birthday cake (think explosion in a cake factory)
  6. I make my own birthday dinner and watch TV with hubby.

Ok, before you all bring out the violins – on the plus side:

  1. I got a pair of very cool wellies with fleece welly socks which came in very handy when cleaning the snow
  2. The birthday cake whilst classically Chivers family crap (see picture) was chocolatey and delicious
  3. There was wine and champagne to drink and paté and cheese for nibbles
  4. The children managed to not fight for almost a whole day (they saved it up for the next day – but you can’t have it all)
  5. I still got to spend the whole evening with my darling husband drinking plenty of fine wine, because I didn’t have to get up to take the kids to school in the morning and his flight to New York the next day was cancelled.

But listen, whoever is upstairs deciding the fate of things to come, next year is a big one, a birthday with a zero on the end of it (and that’s all I’m saying).  You may deliver snow for Christmas, bring it on for January, but if you dump 2 ft of snow on my doorstep next February 2nd, I will not be happy (and I’m guessing Punxsutawney Phil could live without it too).

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