Warning: do not read if you are eating or have eaten in the last 30 minutes!

For last 5 weeks I’ve been dealing with a dog with Giardia.  If you are fortunate never to have experienced this, it basically means that your dog will poop incessantly the nastiest, smelliest, squishiest poop you’ve ever known (and I’ve had 2 kids).  Of course they gave us medication for it, which I was warned, “could upset his stomach.” That’s ok I thought, it can’t get any worse.  It did!  Which leads me to my point, sometimes it takes the worst crap you’ve ever seen, to appreciate only the slightly crappy in life!

Think about it, before you had kids did you appreciate being able to go to bed at a decent hour and sleep without interruption, even if you have to wake up a the crack of dawn?

Before kids I never realized the joys of 30 minutes peace and quiet to read a magazine, or the bliss of doing grocery shopping alone.

Who would have thought that I would be grateful for McDonalds, especially one with a playroom attached.  Hell when things get really bad I can even appreciate Chuck E Cheese’s.

And whilst I’ve always loved a glass of wine or a martini, I’ve never appreciated alcohol the way I do at 3:00pm 5:00pm 7:00pm each night.

But just to drag you back like a toddler home from the playground, to my bloody poor dogs digestive issues, I am currently praying that the latest cocktail of drugs that we are administering will at least reduce my poop scooping duties to 2 solid ones a day.

So while thousands of people across the world are probably right this minute wishing for more money, a fulfilling career where they are recognized and respected, to live in a big house with a swimming pool or go on exotic holidays staying at only the best hotels, today all it would take is for someone to reduce the level of shit in my life and I would be like a pig in rose scented, diamond encrusted, Champagne accompanied, muck!

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