We all do it right?  Even as early as October, some of us will play the, “don’t forget Santa can see you,” card!  Well this year I took it to a whole new, mess with your little head, fodder for future therapy sessions, level!

Not so long ago the in-laws were visiting and Flo in a very uncharacteristic, ‘I’m going to stick up for my big sister, rather than beat her black a blue’, moment decided that Grandad was the enemy because he’d upset Mo.

She refused to hug him, she refused to kiss him goodnight, she refused to talk to him.  Hell, she would not even glance in his general direction, he was THAT persona non grata.

He tried everything, humor, playing with her, treats, gifts.  Nothing, it seemed would work.  So we played the final card, the Santa card.  And then, we took it a step further.  I still have no idea where it came from, but apparently Grandad is good friends with Santa.  Oh yeah, they go way back.  No mere acquaintances either, oh no, Santa and Grandad are like best buddies.  Well now we had her attention.  Then Grandad pulled out the trump card, he picked up the phone.  Not only does he know Santa, he has his telephone number.

Wide eyed and nervous, a clearly rattled Flo announces, “But I like you now Grandad, I like you.” Victory!  “but I’m still not going to talk to you.” It was progress, trust me!

Anyhow, I now have the ultimate weapon between now and December 25th.  You better watch out, you better not cry, you better behave, and here is why, Grandad has Santa on speed dial.  

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