About a week or so before the holidays we were told that Flo’s preschool class would be having dress-up day on the first Friday back to school, to celebrate their favorite animal.

Christmas was looming and for some reason I was in a particularly relaxed (unorganized) state of mind this year, so January 6th seemed a lifetime away.  I therefore did what every good parent would, stuck it in my diary and then filed it away in my mommy brain under ‘not important yet, will get to later’.  Now as everyone knows, this particular file has an uncanny knack of randomly selecting items and magically storing them under ‘trash’.

In my defense I did give it 5 minutes consideration over the holidays when I casually asked Flo what she might like to be.  Some lively discussion took place where we considered the options.  A pony seemed to be the favorite, at which point I thought about how I would purchase a pony costume 2 months after Halloween or alternatively, make one out of felt, left-over fabric, cardboard and 2 pieces of string.  Following which, out of some sort of mental survival instinct, I went into utter denial and forgot the whole thing.


As we were piling out of the car on the first day of school (which happened to be a Wednesday), feeling a little smug that we were on time, had all our snacks, water, lunch, hats, gloves and even Mo’s clean gym kit, (which she didn’t even need until Friday!), Mo asks “Isn’t she supposed to be in costume today?” “No,” I say casually, “that’s not until Friday.” Light goes on over head! Which would be THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!

At this point while I start sweating in panic, Mo and Flo start chatting about what the costume should look like.   “It’s ok”, I reassure Flo, “we can still make a quick run to the costume shop before Friday,” (which is 40 minutes roundtrip and may still not have what we need). Suddenly Flo has decided,  “I want a butterfly and a dog and a pony.”  “That’s a lot of costumes Flo, lets just stick with one shall we,”  “No, I want to be a butterfly, dog, pony.” “In one costume?” “Yes.”

Now this I can work with, I know for a fact that we have dog ears and butterfly wings in the costume box, now just for the pony part.   And whilst my poor, early morning, caffeine deprived brain starts smoking, my darling 3 year old Flo pulls one out of the hat, “And I can wear my butterfly t-shirt and put my ‘My Little Pony’ stickers on it.”  The child is a genius!

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