The other day Mo gleefully announced, “there are only 3 more months of the school year left.” What? No, wait.  The school year has barely started.  “No Mo,” I respond with just a mere hint of panic in my voice, “there are six months left.”

“But it’s March, mummy.” Oh yes right, it just feels like it was only just Christmas. Still, as Mo’s school mercifully follows the British school system, she’s actually in school until the Fourth of July, which by my calculations still gives me 4 months.    “But my teacher says, if you take out all the days off we’ll have mummy, there are 3 months worth of school left.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve only just managed to recover from last summer.  It’s genuinely taken me this long to get myself into a routine whereby the house only looks like disaster zone from Friday to Monday, all those ‘to do’ items that kept getting carried over week after week are finally cleared and I’m actually up to date on everyone’s dentist/doctor visits, including my own!   And as Flo only started school this year, it’s probably the first time in 3 years that I’ve been in this position.

The mere thought of 8 long weeks with 2 children who if bickering was an Olympic sport would be taking home the gold, is enough to turn me into a nail biting, hair pulling, eye twitching nervous wreck.  Not mention that this summer I will also be contending with our newly acquired crazy arsed puppy, who poops fifteen times a day (with frequent diarrhea), digs holes in my backyard you could bury a truck in and demands more of my attention than both Flo and Mo put together.

So ‘Mr Mo’s Teacher’, whilst only 3 months of school until you can kick back, sleep until noon and lie in the sun sipping a cold beer may be comforting to you, I think you’ll know from my harassed look at pick up time, it’s enough to put the fear of God into me.  There are FOUR months, in fact a whole one third of a year until you hand my dear darling Mo back to me full time.   Which should be plenty of time for me to get all the Prozac and booze required to survive!

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