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Years ago this mommy blogger had a real job, and by that I mean one where I actually got paid and had evenings and weekends off.  I was a project manager, which meant not only was I responsible for managing my own time, but also that of several other individuals.  I’m not too modest to say that I was pretty darn good at it too..  I ran a tight ship and my tidy desk reflected my tidy mind.

And then I had kids!

I soon came to realize that, unlike a software project, babies could not be managed and after a brief spell of driving myself nuts trying, I relaxed my control a little, then a little more, then quite a lot actually.  Such that my days become something like this: oh no Mo has no clean pants for school and will have to wear yesterdays with yoghurt spilt on them, I forgot I was out of drinks for the lunch boxes, we were supposed to have left 5 minutes ago and Mo’s hair still looks like straw and I have no idea where anyone’s shoes are, I forgot to get the meat for tonight’s dinner at the super market, I forgot what tonight’s dinner was meant to be, what is all this stuff on my desk, why is there a bill there that was supposed to be paid last month, why do I have no clean clothes, where did that huge pile of laundry come from?  I could go on, but I won’t.

So my New Years resolution was to get organized and be proactive.  For the past 2 weeks I’ve been making lists, updating my calendar with important events and tasks, organizing lunches and laying out clothes for school the night before, sorting laundry so that by Friday afternoon I already have enough clothes for almost the entire week, dealing with chores as they arise and not putting them off.  And I am pleased to say that things have been running pretty smoothly.  I even took in extra shoe boxes for Flo’s current class project, for those parents who aren’t quite as organized as me.

For the first time in as long as I can remember I actually felt like I had by sh*^t together.  So as I walked into Flo’s class I was feeling pretty smug as I announced we were here nice an early to attend her student school breakfast, until that is her teacher pointed out that student breakfast wasn’t today but next Friday.   Ok, I give up!


I’ve always found writing my blog to be cathartic.  So the fact that I haven’t written one in over 9 months either means that life has been going swimmingly or that I have been majorly over sharing with friends, acquaintances and occasionally near strangers (sorry about that!).  But today I’m feeling sad and deserted, so today I am going to share with all of you.

I love Christmas, it is without a doubt, my favorite time of the year.  The lights, the excitement, the over (seriously over) indulging.  And this year was even better, as we shared it with my in-laws.  “Eeek,” I hear you scream, “how awful.”  But you see these aren’t your typical crusty oldies who sit around complaining about the youth of today, eating all your best biscuits and getting under your feet.  They’re the kind of oldies (sorry FIL/MIL) who are actually useful.  They’re here when I need them and go off and amuse themselves when I don’t, they vacuum and clean up, they’ll even look after my 2 overly energetic and crazy kids and even more overly energetic and crazy dog while the hubby and I take a mini break in a hotel, stay up late, bar crawl like we’re in our twenties again and then lay in bed until way past 7am.  Best of all, they’re actually really fun to hang out with, (unfortunately I didn’t get a video of Grandad getting down and funky to Wii Just Dance as proof, so you’ll have to just take my word for it).

But as of 3 hours ago they departed back to England and to top it all, my dear hubby is away on a business trip.  I’d like to say the house is quiet and empty, but I still have my 2 overly energetic crazy kids and one even more overly energetic and crazy dog, but there is definitely that feeling you get after a much anticipated party where the balloons have lost their lift and are barely bouncing themselves off the floor.

On the bright side though, the Christmas tree is still on with lights ablaze, there is still plenty of wine, half a tin of chocolates, no one is here that I have to share it with and the diet doesn’t start until Monday.  Party on!

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