It occurred to me today that my primary role in life is to fill and empty things.  Today for example:

  • I filled the car with children and a dog, I took them to school and doggy day care and emptied it again
  • I went to various shops and filled the car with bags, got home and took the bags inside, thus emptying it again
  • At home I emptied the dryer and filled it with the wet washing (that had sat there since yesterday)
  • Having emptied the washing machine of clean laundry I filled it with dirty laundry
  • The clothes that I removed from the drier I folded neatly, I then took a laundry basket and filled it with the folded laundry
  • Tomorrow I will empty this basket and put away the laundry, by which point there will be more piles of dirty laundry with which I can refill it
  • I also emptied the dishwasher this morning and then filled it with the pile of waiting dirty dishes
  • Just now I filled my vacuum cleaner with various bits of paper, crackers and dog hair and then emptied the disgusting mix into the trash
  • The trash can by this point was full, so I emptied it and no doubt tomorrow I will fill it again whilst walking around cleaning up after my children

And now I must dash, so that I can again fill the car with children and a dog, empty it once more and then fill the, by now tired, starving children and crazy barking dog with food.

So Happy Mothers Day to all and may your Sunday involve nothing more than filling your mind with a good book and your bellies with chocolate and wine!

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