This summer was an equal parts lazy, busy, too short, super fun antidote to a year of hard work at school.  But with it came a challenge.  Not a new one, but an old one that resurfaced its ugly head and tested both my sanity and patience.  The reappearance of bed wetting.

I am a very analytical person, something that has left me with a whole heap of frustration as a mother, since logic doesn’t always come into it!  However as this is something we haven’t had to deal with in such a long time, I figured if I could simply locate the root of the problem and fix that, all would be good.

At first I assumed that a switch to more physical activities coupled with later nights was the culprit, she was clearly too exhausted to wake up.  So we took it down a notch and went back to school night bedtimes.  Uh uh!

Perhaps fluids, too much fluids late a night.  So amid the anguished cries of “but I’m soooooooo thirsty,” I only allowed a sip or two of water at bedtime and tried to encourage drinking earlier in the day (water for the child, not alcohol for me I have to clarify).  Uh uh!

So as all neurotic and clinically insane mothers do, I took to the Internet for clues, because we all know how reliable that is as a source.  Here I learned that stress could be a factor.  So I inquired as to whether she was worried about something maybe school, the expression on her face read “No, but should I be?” Great !

Flo and I were determined that there would be no return to nighttime diapers, this thing simply had to be beaten and since logic clearly had not worked I went with the, only solution I had left.  The chart and sticker system.  And whilst I hate to count my chickens, so far those crazy colored little gems have worked their magic once again.

I wonder if sticker power could get socks and underwear put in the laundry basket too?

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