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You might be excused for thinking that I’ve turned into one of those super moms who having totally got their shit together, piss everyone else off by suggesting how they too could organize their lives, rather than being the totally inadequate beings that they are. Fear not, I am still one of the inadequates and this post is more about how bat shit crazy I am than a helpful lifestyle lesson.

So lists! I’m sort of famous for mine in our house, particularly for big events like Christmas, parties, vacations etc. I mostly make them because when I get stressed my brain turns to mush through lack of sleep and nervous exhaustion. Making a list means that I can stop trying to get my shit together and simply work in a brainless fashion, taking each item in turn and completing it without much thought process.

Mostly the lists are sensible and logical and serve their purpose, which is to ensure that all important tasks or perquisites are completed and any disastrous consequences avoided, like the time we went on our first family trip to Disney and I left the camera at home and flushed my iphone down the airplane toilet (but that’s a story for another day!) But sometimes I have to admit they get a little silly, like when I take post it notes and attach them to serving dishes so I don’t forget what I wanted to serve in which dish.

Today I’m afraid was one of those silly days, as you can see from my list.










Was it likely that I would have forgotten to do any one of these items? Not really! Would the children have been running around naked had I not put away the 3 days of folded laundry in the basket? Of course not! And would the house of Chivers crumbled to the ground if come the end of dinnertime the dishwasher was not ready to receive the dirty dishes? I think not! But good lord, without the use of a list and a pink highlighter pen, how would I have been able to prove that I achieved anything today?

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